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Today was a special day, perfect sunshine for perfect pictures! Thanks to Ksenija Mikor, professional photographer who’s passion are dogs ofcourse, to make it all possible 🙂

I’m so grateful to have those moments with my poms captured in a snapshot!

If you want to know more about Ksenija and her amazing photography you can check her website and ofcourse like her Facebook page 🙂 Your mouth will drop when you will see those photos 🙂

I agree with Ksenija when she says: “It is really all about the dogs!” and it really is 🙂

bigbang_3.5 months_1

bigbang_3.5 months_5

bigbang_3.5 months_9

For more pictures see the slide show.

bigbang_3.5 months_17
bigbang_3.5 months_16
bigbang_3.5 months_18 copy
bigbang_3.5 months_7
bigbang_3.5 months_4
bigbang_3.5 months_3
bigbang_3.5 months_2
bigbang_3.5 months_8
bigbang_3.5 months_6
bigbang_3.5 months_14
bigbang_3.5 months_19
bigbang_3.5 months_5
bigbang_3.5 months_12
bigbang_3.5 months_20
bigbang_3.5 months_13
bigbang_3.5 months_11
bigbang_3.5 months_10
bigbang_3.5 months_1
bigbang_3.5 months_9
DSC_9229 copy

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