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This is our story.

It all began when we brought home our first pomeranian- Caco not realizing it will develop to such a devotion and passion. This breed immediately took our hearts with its wisdom, attention and pure love. Soon we started to search for another one. You can’t just have one,  that’s a fact. Biba soon entered in our home and hearts.

The kennel POMDELUXE was born. We are micro kennel, FCI registered, specialized in colours creme, creme-sable, wolf-sable and hoping for some white in the future. We really tend to breed high quality pomeranians which fulfill the FCI standard. We are located in small country called SLOVENIA in the heart of the Alps and with the beautiful nature in which our poms enjoy so much.

It passed some time when we where quietly thinking to get another girl, it was just a thought and fantasy of owning a pale cream or white pomeranian. I sent some mails around the world to ask if there is any available but nothing was. Maybe for a reason.

Than it was time for our first litter.

Guess God heard my wish and surprised and blessed us all with a little white girl in our own litter. No one expected such a colour when putting together two creme-sables. Name was not hard to choose.

Our Pomdeluxe Amazing Grace was born.

We were scanning her development and growth day by day and at the end we finally decided she was meant to be ours, despite the fact people were literally standing in line to get her.

Our Amazing Grace aka Coco was pure happines from the day one. Have never seen any dog smiling so much.  She blew us away with her talent to pose right a way, pure show off. At 9 weeks she stood like a pro. Can’t get enough of her exitement and speed, she is really our little energizer. Can’t believe that such a small breed can have so much energy.

Our goal as breeders of pomeraninas is to breed healthy and standardized pomeraninas. Quality comes first, so we just have two litters per year. All our poms are first our beloved companions following us on every step we make and second our dogs in breeding program. They live with us, they go with us on the trips and together we enjoy in every day walks no matter the weather.

We just can’t imagine our lives without them!

Pure joy and happiness all wrapped in the big fur!

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