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Pomeranian or zwergspitz or miniature german spitz is the smallest of the spitz family. Main characteristics of this breed are its size, coat and muzzle. Pomeranians are up to 22 cm tall dogs if I refer to FCI standard (Each standard clasifies those characteristics little bit different) and the spitz are up to 26 cm tall. Few centimeters do count in this small dogs-big time! Pomeranians are well known for its rich coat which is actually compound of the thick under coat and guard coat. Under coat gives the pomeranian that round shape and is the first thing you notice when you compare pomeranian and small german spitz. Small german spitz has just a bit of under coat, which makes the coat fall down. Their coat is more soft and don’t have that hard texture to keep the guard hair up, like in pomeranians. Next thing is the muzzle. Pomeranians have the short muzzle which gives them teddy like appearance and on the other hand small german spitz have longer muzzle giving them fox like appearance. When adult they are not so hard to distinguish, but what about when they are puppies?

So how to separate between pomeranian and small german spitz puppy? How do you know that you really bought a pom and not a small german spitz?

First, look at its coat. If it is poor quality, with just a bit of undercoat and it is not evenly all around the body, it is the spitz. But be regardant of the »monkey stage« in poms. This is a phase in coat development at pomeranians when they are between 4 and 6 months old. They loose their rich puppy coat, but they come back and glow at all the enrichment of fur in just few months. So ask for pictures of a puppy at 2 months of age, before the »monkey stage« in poms, to evaluate the coat properly. See the coats of its parents, if they are poor quality it is more likely the puppy will be too.

Second, look at its size. Ask the breeder of the size of relatives, its weight and height. There are charts that shows you how big the puppy will get, with certain weight at certain age, when turning to adult. See how big it is in comparison to some object so you can visualize it.

Third, look at its muzzle and the size of its head in comparison to its body. If the muzzle is long and the head big, this puppy is more likely to grow bigger and be more fox like. Again the quick glimpse to its parents will get the picture how it will most likely look like when he/she grows up.

To sum up, genes are important! Having good genes and predispositions are the key to success and to own a pomeranian with capital P not a small german spitz!



It is just me or a lot of people are searching for a white pomeranian?

Oh, It is me!! But not just me…

White colour in poms is really hard to get and maintain. On top of all, also good quality is hard to maintain after several breeding in white colour.

So when looking for a white pom you need to be extra precautions!

Why you ask?

When you see those cute white balls of pure sweetness it is really hard to resist. And the scammers know that. They publish photoshopped pictures of white poms making their eyes big and their noses small, which contributes to their cuteness and doll like expression. People not realizing it is not natural pom fall for this and send a huge amount of cash but not getting what they wanted. Or even not getting anything at all.

As mentioned before, white colour is hard to maintain. If there are some lemon shades behind puppy’s ears, on top of the head or on the back legs, your puppy is more likely creme. Or is going to turn out this way. Don’t forget puppy’s colour is developing and constantly changing, so at 4 months your puppy might be totally white but at the 7 months of age , when those guard hair take in, colour will darken. In show rings there has come so far dogs are being bleached to avoid those lemon shades. So white is really just a fantasy and nothing more..

Other thing to consider is the breed. Make sure you are buying a white pomeranian and not any other spitz. Japanese spitz for example come just in white colour and it is easy for layman to confuse the two breeds when they are puppies.
Last, white colour poms are one of the most expensive among other colours poms out there.

Guess fantasies do end eventually..



Pom boom ali generacija XYP

Slovenija je spoznala novo pasmo psov, za katero ni vedela da obstaja. Kako so le redki prepoznali kvalitete pasme in zakaj se ni razširila že prej?

Pred tremi leti, ko sem po parku hodila s svojim prvim pomerancem, je izgledalo tako, da je vsak prvi vprašal kaj je to za ena pasma. Ljudje so zanjo prvič slišali, kaj šele, da bi jo kdajkoli videli v živo. Naš pomeranček je bil pravi ambasador. Danes je malo drugače, sedaj vsak drugi vpraša kaj je to za ena pasma. Vesela sem, da dandanes že kar nekaj ljudi prepozna to pasmo in, da so k temu pripomogli tudi naši pomerančki. K promociji pasme je ogromno pripomogel tudi slavni Boo s svojo očarljivostjo in prav posebno frizur’co.

Torej zdi se, kot da v Sloveniji postaja pravi POM BOOM! Veliko ljudi si želi pomeranca, ve približno kako zgleda, ali bi vsaj moral izgledati, ne vedo pa kje ga najti. Ljudje svojo kosmato kepico iščejo na napačnem koncu. Razni oglasniki so skrajno neprimerni za nakup pomeranca, ker ponujajo slabe predstavnike pasme ali pa celo drugo pasmo pod naslovom pomeranec, kar je še najbolj absurdno. Če želite kvalitetnega pomeranca, se obrnite na registrirane vzreditelje in preučite standard ali vsaj poglejte kakšno fotografijo pomeranca. Kje jo najti? Stric Google jo bo našel za vas!

Torej ne nasedajte oglasom, ki ponujajo pomeranca za par sto evrov z upanjem, da bo vrhunski predstavnik pasme. Malo denarja malo muzike, zveni znano? Pri pomerancih to drži kot pribito. Je ena najdražjih pasem psov in cene se začnejo pri par tisoč evrih, seveda odvisno kaj želite. Tudi če želite le hišnega ljubljenčka in ne razstavnega psa, so cene visoke. Poleg tega sta pomeranec ali pritlikavi nemški špic in mali nemški špic dve popolnoma različni pasmi. Seveda gre za par centimetrov v višino, malce drugačno dlako in obliko gobčka, ampak razlika je več kot očitna.

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Ok, you finally decided on a breed, did your home work (did you?) and read all the characteristics of a pomeranian, its pros and cons (ok there are no cons, let’s be honest! :D), its health issues and its breed standard.

Well done! First step among dozen accomplished!

Now it is time to search for the perfect little puppy. But where to start?

Avoid pages that sells puppies of different breeds, usually with no papers and from the backyard self named breeders. Search among registered breeders, with their own kennel and website. Website is the shop window of the breeder, attractive and up-to-date website, with nice pictures of the poms, tells you that you found a reputable breeder. Send a message. Usually pomeranians are not waiting for new owners in the line, it is other way round, so you need to be patient and persistent. It might take some months or even years to first find the breeder that fullfil your wishes in how pomeranian should look like and finally find a pomeranian you wished for so much. Searching length depends on how demanding you are. If looking for a show pomeranian there are so many criteria, from the perfect scissor 6×6 bite, correct size, nice head and muzzle, correct pigmentation, good proportions, square shape, rich coat, nice movement, vivid character and so on, so it really can last for ages to find a perfect pom. But if you are searching only for beloved pet and companion you might find your on ball-of-fur little faster. Another thing to be careful when buying your puppy is its pedigree. First of all buy a pomeranian with papers! This give you at least a bit of feeling how your puppy will develop and rather he will look more like mamma or papa or any of the ancestors behind. Be sure you ask the breeder to send you pictures from its parents and relatives, if you like what you see, this might be your wanted puppy.

If you are new in this breed, guess you never have seen the pomeranian puppy before, not in real not via the picture. Do a little research, Google finds all kinds of pictures of poms and puppies. Research a bit and make sure how your puppy should look like. There are lot of scams selling pomeranian, but in real it is a small german spitz- totally different breed. When they are puppies both breeds look the same (ok, if you have seen few pictures of puppy poms, you would know the difference right away), so you need to be extra careful. It is never the less long term commitment and it is better to really get the good quality puppy. Difference between the breeds and main things to be aware you could read in one of my next posts.

And the last but not least, the price!

Remember, good quality is never cheap, so don’t expect that you will get a top pomeranian for 1000 euros. Pomeranians are expensive, I would say that they are one of the most expensive breeds, so if you can’t afford it, better don’t have it. Better save up and buy it when the time is right, that way you will be proud and happy with your fur ball. Price depends of many different things-good pedigree with many titled dogs in it, colour, gender, quality and purpose (pet/show/breeding quality).

And what was my experience?

When I discovered the pomeranian breed I immediately knew this is the breed for me. I’m more big dog person and when I was reading the characteristics of a pom I knew this is a big dog in a small package. Vivid, enthusiastic, clever and clown like, those are the words that first pop up when describing a pom. I have done a research of breeders worldwide, contacted them and search for my first pom nearly half the year. It was long process started from scratch as I didn’t ever seen the breed in person before, and at the end all the waiting and researching paid off.

I have got what I wanted.



The blog was born.

But not just any blog.

This is a blog dedicated to all the fanciers of the pomeranian breed. In this place you can find some interesting information about the breed, its standard, its care, and on the top off all you can ask questions by posting a comment.

Lots of people are asking me for advice about buying a puppy or about grooming their pom. Sometimes I get similar questions, so the best option is to just drop a question in the comment box and I will reply so that all can read it.

I was also once at the beginning, not knowing the breed and I’m still learning. Passion for this breed and constant educating brought me to this point where I can advise others. It is my joy and pleasure to help and advice pomeranian owners on any situation you might have with your furry one.

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